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Breathing Love Lost πŸ’”

My mind was on a voyage the first time I saw him.
Glorifying his eyes, his smile, his size.
Oh! I wished he was mine.
I tried to seal my mouth from spilling the dancing butterfly in my stomach to my friends.
But the least I can do is force my heart to pretend.
And so I told them.. I told them how much I cared and feared to tell him how I felt.
“Go get your Prince” they said.
How I wished I turned deaf ears.
I wished I had controlled my ill emotion.
I ignored the world because I believed him.
I looked at guys in disgust for I had something special.
I traveled wide and far to please him.
I became a slave to love and was subdue.
I thought I was in love but I was indwelling obsession.
I wanted his world in my plate.
Just One day he packed his things and left right in my face.
Now my prince charming is getting married.
In this moment I take time anticipating how I’m gonna break through this.
How I wish I could wake up from this reverie.


πŸ“Έcredit: ruby_ochei

By Ochei Chidinma Ruby

An instrument of change. A Pen Pusher.

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