It was a beautiful Monday morning. I got up from bed, did all my chores and prepared my younger ones for school. My duty to them every morning is to take them to school. It gives me joy to perform that duty because that’s the best time I have chit-chat moments with them. They tell me a lot of things happening around their school especially when there’s traffic on the way to is always a long chat on such occasion. We laugh over somethings and when it comes to correcting them, I do my best as well. Children give life a meaning and sometimes I draw inspiration from them.

When we got to the school gate, I was welcomed with a warm smile from the security man.. cheeii! A morning tonic to start a beautiful Monday. It gives me joy to see someone who does his/her job with joy. My thoughts was interrupted by the noise of a big fat woman who was yelling at a Cleaner in the school. I was wondering what had happened to cause this loud distraction.

“Don’t ever try that again! Can’t you see? Are you blind? What you just stepped on is your salary for three months” she yelled.
“I’m sorry ma” the Cleaner kept on chanting the words almost in tears. Some other staffs gathered round to apologize to this god called Woman.
If God is a woman ….Hmmm.

I felt disappointed and I said to myself. If this is how I’m gonna act when I became rich, then I choose not to be rich.
The cleaner unknowingly stepped on the woman and that was it!

The Cleaner will be so sad after such statement and regretting her life. But remember “You can’t stop anyone from looking down on you but you can choose not to look down on yourself.”
I know there is someone who are reading this right now. People might have mocked you due to the kind of job you do. Some people might have made you feel unimportant. But I want you to know YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE VALUABLE.
Imagine the job of the cleaner…if the school is not clean even the fat woman who mocked her would never put her child in that school. If the school was dirty, the people in it won’t live healthy. So you see!The Cleaner is one of the people who made the school successful. She is a life saver. She is important. If only I hope she knows. She is so important that even your CEO can’t do her job!
You are important. When you think you are not, you will behave unimportant.
No matter what, love your job and do it well! You don’t know who is watching. You might not know but people are watching. So always be a person of value. You have worth! You are what you think you are and what you think affects your job. No matter how people treat you in your daily job or life. Live Happy, Do your best! You are more than you can imagine. Stay positive. Dream positive
Your future holds more for you.


By Ochei Chidinma Ruby

An instrument of change. A Pen Pusher.

15 replies on “YOU HAVE WORTH!”

wow! what a nice piece ma, I’m indeed blessed with this piece. more grace ijn.
β€œYou can’t stop anyone from looking down on you but you can choose not to look down on yourself.”….thanks for this, I will surely hold on to it.


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