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He looked at her from a distance.
And he understood why he had fallen in love with her.
She’s still beautiful.
Her curves are intact.
He love her with every fibre of his being.
But with all honesty,
He knew that inside she wasn’t in anyway beautiful.
As her personality went,
She was ugly and hateful.
She care for nothing but herself.
Dissatisfied in every possible way with life.
He wanted a simple life.
She wants the earth in a plate and made him feel as though everything he tried to do for her was pointless.
She loved herself alright.
But it is a shame that love doesn’t extend to the people around her.

He watched her accept the host.
And look up to the cross of Christ.
He wanted to slap her across the face,
But he wasn’t capable.
He imagined slapping her over and over.
Oh, how he dreamt of putting her firmly in her place
But he didn’t know how.
He was as weak as seven days.
He watched as she return to the pew.
If only she could act like a lady.
If only he could think like a man.

By Ochei Chidinma Ruby

An instrument of change. A Pen Pusher.

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