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We live in a world where we want everything “Sharp-Sharp”
We live in a fantasy world….The world of “I wish” or “If only I had this or that, I would have….”.  A fraction of people or more worry in Nigeria a lot because we focus on what we do not have and doubt what we have.
We lived in a world where nobody wants to start small but we build a very big mansion with a 5 Lamborghini Veneno parked in the compound  in our mind while our reality haven’t even laid a building foundation. Is it bad to dream big…No! Start small!
Faith without work is death. We do not have menial jobs, we only have menial minds who want to grow rich without working or strives. We are like a tomorrow hoping for tomorrow. Like a sleeping army dreaming of victory.
A friend said to me one day, “Ruby, I wish I could do what you do but I don’t have the talent.
I smiled and said to her” if only you could see what I see in you. If only mirrors could interpret the gifts of every single man”.
Get this, you don’t need a lot of money or gifts to start. You have exactly what you need.
My Boss, Mrs Bosede Olusola-Obasa will say, “As a writer, just a word, two or more make a sentence, a sentence turns paragraph, paragraphs into pages, pages into a book. You have exactly what you need. Just take a step further.
I saw a video by Fela Durotoye, How he booked a 2,000 seater conference room for his first speaking engagement. A very big dream, you’ll say! But only 37 people attended. Ipa of life! Lol. I’m sure he was unhappy about it but he could have said to himself ” Oh! I’m not good enough, that’s why I had lesser crowd or could have dismissed everyone who attended. But, he was confident with what he had and where he was at that time. Today, Fela Durotoye of lesser crowd back then, is doing extraordinarily today and still learning. No matter where you are, skills and gift will announce you… Even in your resident.
Remember the story of Samson, who was surrounded by huge army. He had no weapon except a jawbone, a very small and ordinary jaw bone, I’m certain, he wished he had a sword, a shield and all. But, he was smart enough to realize that was all he had. He picked it up and defeated the army. When God breathes on what you have, they become extraordinary. God could have sent him a sword from heaven or his angel to take charge over him but he is a God of season. He values time.
Have you ever wondered why God sent a child to die for us when he could have saved us in a split second? Think about it!
Value this time you have now, and use it wisely, be smart, be hard-working above all, pray a God- sized prayer.
For he who began a good work in you shall perfect and bring it to full completion in you. Philippians 1:6.
Have a week of wonders.

By Ochei Chidinma Ruby

An instrument of change. A Pen Pusher.


Amen 🙏🏿. It is very important to start somewhere. We all have gifts and talents. God didn’t make a mistake when he deposited His gifts within us but we must be willing to use what we have been given. The day we stop wishing is when we can finally come to the realization that God has placed gold within us. Nothing is wasted but we must be willing to dig, side by side with the Lord for those gifts to be released. We must be content, trusting that God will make way in due season. Thank you for sharing 🤗


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