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A friend of mine, Minna shared a story with me that’s so unpleasant to my ear! I told him I will write about it because I’m sure his experience might be another’s tomorrow.

It was 6:00pm. After a long day at work, my friend, Minna, booked an Opay car to take him home from Magodo to Santos Estate in Akowonjo. After facing snail speed traffic on his way home. Few hours later, the driver got to akowonjo round about; Minna was close to the house. Just then he remembered he had no beverages and bread in the house to eat when he gets home.

He politely pleaded with the driver to stop the car so he could pick a few things at a super market across the road.

The driver replied “My duty is to take you home. I don’t do pick and stop. I do pick and drop”.

My friend smiled and said “But it’s my money that is reading even if I ask you to, not yours”. And I’m going to pay y…”

“Sir, i’m not in need of your extra fee.” The driver interrupted rudely as he swung his afro hair looking outside the window. The driver should be in his early 30’s.

Minna wanted to get down of the car but the driver locked him in.

(Is this a kidnap or something???)

“So you mean you won’t open this door till I get to my destination?” My friend yelled at him angrily.

“I won’t sir” the driver said.

After a few seconds of silence, Minna ordered the driver to take him home. When he got to his resident. He alighted from the car to pay the driver. The driver waxed the volume of the music he was playing. It was as if he was patiently waiting for Minna to alight so he could do that.

“Please, make your payment” the driver said unconcerned.

“If you want me to pay you tune down the volume of your radio set because I can barely hear you”. Minna threatened him.
He reduced it and then the driver asked him. “Have you paid?”

My friend replied tiredly ” yes! the network is bad. It should reflect later.” He went into the house.

He lied.

My friend went into his house without paying the driver. “Ruby, I paid the driver the next morning. I wanted to teach him a lesson.” Minna said to me.

And once you don’t pay an Opay driver. He can’t carry another customer. That means no more work for the driver until he is paid by the previous customer.

Guess what? The driver came back knocking on his gate but he did not respond to him. My friend then called the customer care, narrated what happened, he reported the driver and promised to pay the driver the next day.

My friend taught him a lesson. The driver went home that night with no other customer.

This isn’t just a lesson to the driver alone. But to you reading this.. When you come to work, you drop all your ego at home.
When you come to work, drop those anger issues, you had with your siblings or whosoever at home. Do not infect others or take it up on someone who knows nothing about it.
The driver had a predator mentality but he ended up being the prey.

Show empathy while at work..put others in your shoes. This my guy was starving after a long day at work but the driver was just too unempathetic. He had this “My car! My rule!” Mentality. Too bad.

If you have a disgusting attitude, you won’t last at your place of work, you won’t even last for life..people will leave you. When you need them the most, they won’t be there because you ruined the relationship. Then you live like you don’t. EGO WILL TAKE YOU NO WHERE! Ego destroys relationship.. Leave your ego at your door step and be humble. Be nice!
Because if your ego is bigger than heart, you need to grow up!

Wash out your ego once in a while as Cleanliness is next to Godliness not just in the body but in humility as well.

By Ochei Chidinma Ruby

An instrument of change. A Pen Pusher.


What a great lesson. The driver was very rude. If your customer is going to pay you, what is the problem. A lot of times, it’s the way one speak to another. If he couldn’t do, he should have politely said it in the right manner. I love how your friend handled the matter. The fact that the driver should up to your friends house, that was too much. I enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for sharing 😊

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