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Old Master Hagi’s Sermon (Season)

Zaare was one of those pretty charming girls in her small village at the country side. She was light-skinned with large eyes and beautiful smile that made men believed heaven must between her cheeks. She was tall and blessed with a small waist and broad hips. As though fate had blundered her over, into the family of artisans; Zaare was a twisted sicko who loved the world of books. She could barely read as she never went through the walls of school. But, she was smart and brainy.

Every morning, She’d look herself in the mirror and fantasize addressing a large audience or having her own collection of books and someday hope to be a person of wealth and distinction.

In her neighborhood were the Zarufus’ family, a well popular, educated and polished family. Zaare made the Zarufus her second home, she would secretly visit to learn to read and write, they embraced her dearly because of her zeal to learn. Bertrand Zarufus, one of the sons of the Zarufus family fell inlove with Zaare’s relentlessness, he saw a bright future in her and saw her through her learning process, they talk about their future career sometimes. Zaare was so happy she is few step closer to the her dreams.

One morning Zaare was on her way to the Zarufus house when she coincidentally met a letter man at the door…
It was a letter from Bertrand and a big colourful box with Zaare boldly written on it with an Old Roman Times italic writing. She appreciated the letter man and took the box in wondering what it was..
Her expectations dipped after reading the letter. It says:

Dear Zaare, I moved to the city with my family. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you early enough. Don’t be sad, I’ll came back to see you someday. I left some books in this box to keep you busy. You have my my family house to yourself to study. Please read everyday. I believe in you Zaare! I believe in your dreams too. Till we meet again.

Eight years passed, Zaare was now a full grown woman, so many artisan suitors came for her hand in marriage but she turned them down. Every morning she fetched the letter Bertrand wrote to was a muse that kept her going. She helped her dreams in high esteem and believed in Bertrand’s words on the note. she never stopped visiting the abandoned house formerly the Zarufus to read, after reading she’d think of Bertrand before heading home. Even when her family saw her as nothing but shame and disgrace.
She wasn’t cowed by their attitudes. Zaare never stopped even when the vision wasn’t looking clear anymore.
One evening, Zaare went to the abandoned house to read, suprisingly, she saw Bertrand there. Zaare had thought she was day dreaming again. But this time her eyes denied her of her dream, it was Betrand! Now a full grown rich business man. Bertrand gave Zaare a big hug and whispered in her ears. “Thank you for not giving up on yourself”. Zaare and Bertrand shared their experiences in the past few years. Bertrand met with Zaare’s family with permission to take Zaare with him to the city..
At last, Zaare became a successful writer, worked in Bertrand Zarufus firm as an editor of their business magazine. And the rest they say is history.

The children were captured by Old Master Hagi’s story…

“What if Zaare had stopped visiting the abandoned house?” Samara, one of the children asked.

“Good question Sam! The truth is she might never had met Bertrand. Bertrand could have gone to her house to meet her. But he didn’t. waiting in the abandoned house for her was the only way he would know she hasn’t given up. It was a test.”

The children hummed.

So my dear little ones, people might try to discourage you from what you believe in.. by telling you what they already know- such disheartening counsel whether spoken to spare your pain or from jealousy disguised as caring. Always stand for what you believe in. Zaare’s belief was borne out of the love and passion she had for book. Remember, This is why the love of God in our hearts is the producer of Hope. Hope + effort might delay but it will never fail.
Just as God’s promises never fail. He promised us He will fulfil our heart desires but what will you do with your waiting season?

©Ochei R. Chidinma.

By Ochei Chidinma Ruby

An instrument of change. A Pen Pusher.

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