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This is the story of a man named Ephesus. A very wealthy farmer who lost his wife few years back . Ever since then, life hasn’t been the same for Ephesus. He was so unstable, disorganized, heartbroken. He uses every dime he gets from work on alcohol; to drink away his sorrow. Ephesus and his […]

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Old Master Hagi’s Sermon (Season)

Zaare was one of those pretty charming girls in her small village at the country side. She was light-skinned with large eyes and beautiful smile that made men believed heaven must between her cheeks. She was tall and blessed with a small waist and broad hips. As though fate had blundered her over, into the […]

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A friend of mine, Minna shared a story with me that’s so unpleasant to my ear! I told him I will write about it because I’m sure his experience might be another’s tomorrow. It was 6:00pm. After a long day at work, my friend, Minna, booked an Opay car to take him home from Magodo […]

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He looked at her from a distance. And he understood why he had fallen in love with her. She’s still beautiful. Her curves are intact. He love her with every fibre of his being. But with all honesty, He knew that inside she wasn’t in anyway beautiful. As her personality went, She was ugly and […]

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Breathing Love Lost 💔

My mind was on a voyage the first time I saw him. Glorifying his eyes, his smile, his size. Oh! I wished he was mine. I tried to seal my mouth from spilling the dancing butterfly in my stomach to my friends. But the least I can do is force my heart to pretend. And […]